Officers, soldiers fired over Fort Hood violence

Army leaders are firing or suspending 14 officers and enlisted soldiers at Fort Hood, Texas, and ordering policy changes to address leadership failures that contributed to a pattern of violence including murder, sexual assaults and harassment. (Dec. 8)

Video Transcript

RYAN MCCARTHY: The tragic death of Vanessa Guillen and a rash of other challenges at Fort Hood forced us to take a critical look at our systems, our policies, and ourselves. But without leadership, systems don't matter. This is not about metrics but about possessing the ability to have the human decency to show compassion for our teammates and to look out for the best interests of our soldiers.

I am gravely disappointed that leaders failed to effectively create a climate that treated all soldiers with dignity and respect and that failed to reinforce everyone's obligation to prevent and properly respond to allegations of sexual harassment and sexual assault. Because of this, to restore trust and confidence and accountability, I directed the relief and/or suspension of commanders and other leaders from the Corps to the squad level.

GENERAL JAMES MCCONVILLE: Prior to coming here, I talked to Mrs. Guillen, Vanessa's mother, and I told her that we're going to fix these issues and change the culture that allowed them to happen. I told her we must and will provide a safe and secure environment for American sons and daughters that serve in the army. As the Secretary said, we are holding leaders accountable, and we will fix this.