It's Official: Donaldson, D'Amico Get Kinnelon School Board Win

Russ Crespolini
·1 min read

KINNELON, NJ — In the contested race for Kinnelon Board of Education Karen D'Amico and Jean T. Donaldson took the two open seats after an extended election cycle.

According to the final tallies, certified by the Morris County Clerk the totals were:

  • Karen D'Amico: 3,449

  • Sydney Johnson: 1,503

  • Concetta Jenny Vecchione: 1,635

  • Jean T. Donaldson: 2,917

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Since the change to this year's election was announced by Gov. Phil Murphy because of the coronavirus, there were been many questions about how the process worked. The primarily vote-by-mail process, in tandem with the extended deadlines to receive votes pushed the certification day to "on or about Nov. 20."

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This article originally appeared on the Tri-Boro Patch