It's official: Malcolm Pearce calls it quits

Joe Centers, Norwalk Reflector, Ohio
·1 min read

Apr. 10—NORWALK — For the past almost 20 years, Malcolm Pearce has been serving up customer service at Schild's IGA as a grocery bagger.

On Friday he was serving up cupcakes on his final day on the job.

The 87-year-old is now officially retired.

He took time out from serving cupcakes for a couple of photos, but after that in true Malcolm Pearce form it was right back to work.

Pearce started working in his home country of England at the age of 15 as a mechanic on the double-decker buses.

He was also in the Army for two regular years and three reserve.

Pearce came to the States in 1965 for a job as a chauffeur/butler for the owners of Norwalk Furniture. He held this job for 40 years.

When asked how long he has been at IGA, he chuckled and said, "that's what we were trying to figure out. It's been at least 17 years, maybe 20."

Pearce said in retirement he might travel some, but mostly he just wants to "work in the garden, flower and vegetable, but to just relax."