Official: Mich. order 'catastrophic' for business

The head of the Small Business Association of Michigan says the state's new virus restrictions could result in "catastrophic failure" for many businesses (Nov. 16)

Video Transcript

BRIAN CALLEY: I think we have to expect that this will be-- this will mean catastrophic failure for many of them. They're just in no condition to weather this type of-- these types of conditions given the fact that they-- some of them were required to be closed for five or six months earlier this year.

GRETCHEN WHITMER: This is a very targeted approach, and it is informed by, you know, the best epidemiologists and public-health experts that we've been consulting every step of the way.

JAMIE BROWN: The restrictions are absolutely necessary right now. The pandemic is out of control. Nurses are at their breaking point. So any help the public can give us would be great.