Official: Potential US Government shutdown could put Ukraine aid at risk

The possibility of an impending government shutdown in the U.S. may threaten to disrupt the flow of military aid to Ukraine, a Pentagon spokesman stated to Politico in an article published on Sept. 19.

Disputes about future spending, both within the Republican party and across party lines, have prevented an agreement that will continue to fund the government before the end of the fiscal year on Sept. 30, 2023. If no bills are passed, the federal government will effectively “shut down”, with an exemption for matters of national security.

It remains unclear whether military aid for Ukraine, which includes training programs for Ukrainian soldiers, and the shipment of arms, would be included in this exemption.

Deadlock on a variety of issues, many of which unrelated to Ukraine, has so far prevented the signing of an agreement that would prevent the impending shutdown.

However, due to a previously reported accounting error by the Pentagon that allowed for an additional $6.2 billion in military aid, funding for the continued weapons shipments would be able to continue even in the case of a shutdown. The already earmarked funding is not subject to fiscal year limitations, but could still be interrupted due to furloughs and other shutdown related disruptions.

During the presidency of Donald Trump, there were two government shutdowns, with one, a dispute over funding of the Mexico border wall, lasting 35 days.

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