Official says 4,000 feet of pipeline in California oil spill has been moved, 13-inch split found

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Coast Guard Capt. Rebecca Ore said that approximately 4,000 feet of a pipeline believed to be the source of last week’s oil spill off the coast of California had been displaced by 105 feet. Ore also said that a 13-inch split, believed to be the source of the spill, was found in the pipeline.

Video Transcript

- This is the pipeline that comes from platform Elly-left of Huntington Beach. That pipeline then is a 17.7-mile pipeline. As we mentioned yesterday, a remote-operated vehicle was surveying that pipeline attempting to determine a source of the leak of oil or the release of oil. In the course of conducting those operations, we learned and identified a slight bend in that pipeline, which resulted in further investigation by that remotely operated vehicle.

Upon further investigation, we've determined that approximately 4,000 feet of the 17.7-mile pipeline has been displaced, and it's been laterally displaced by 105 feet. So that's what we know about the pipeline that was determined by a remotely operated vehicle subsequent to that. Divers were sent down, these are commercially procured divers were sent down, to assess that pipeline.

What they further located was a 13-inch split in that pipe, on the side of the pipe, that is a likely source of release of oil. What we can say is that, from that 13-inch split in that pipeline, there is no visible product that can be observed coming from that line, so there's no oil coming out of that line from that split in the pipeline.

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