Officials hail progress on vaccine as cases surge

President Donald Trump and administration officials on Friday offered a rosy update on the race for a vaccine for the resurgent coronavirus as he delivered his first public remarks since his defeat by President-elect Joe Biden. (Nov. 13)

Video Transcript

- Operation Warp Speed didn't only focus on vaccines. We also looked at therapeutics.

MIKE PENCE: The American people can be comforted with all the news this week that help is on the way, that literally pending FDA approval, the Pfizer vaccine and perhaps very soon another vaccine that will be submitted by Moderna and even other companies-- that before the year is out, we'll be able to administer a vaccine to tens of millions of Americans, as you've said, Mr. President, beginning with those most vulnerable, beginning with our seniors all across this country, beginning with our health-care workers and first responders at the point of the need.

ALEX AZAR: Thanks to the support he's provided, we're now on track to deliver a safe and effective vaccine to our most vulnerable this year.

Right now is not the time to let our guard down. We continue to encourage Americans to follow the three Ws-- wash your hands, watch your distance, wear a mask when you can't watch your distance, and avoid settings where you can't do those things.

DONALD TRUMP: And thank you, everybody. Thank you very much.


- Really looks like you lost the election, sir.


- Mr. President, why not acknowledge you lost?