Officials Identify Sailors Shot By Navy Medic Near Fort Detrick, Investigation Continues Into Motive

The investigation continues into why Navy medic Fantahun Girma Woldesenbet opened fire near Fort Detrick Tuesday, injuring two sailors.

Video Transcript

DENISE KOCH: Well, new video shows one of the victims of yesterday's shooting rampage in Frederick dodging cars as he runs from a Navy warehouse for help. WJZ investigator Mike Hellgren is live at that warehouse with what we have learned about the alleged gunman and the victims tonight. Mike?

MIKE HELLGREN: Denise, at this point there were no red flags in the gunman's background, but police have urged patience as they complete their investigation into the motive. Now, this is where it all happened. That shooting started here. The window here was blown out, it has since been replaced. And we have that dramatic new video to show you tonight.

New video shows 26-year-old sailor Casey Nutt frantic and dodging cars in the middle of Monocacy Boulevard after he was just shot. Desperate to get help he sheltered behind a car and managed to make it across the street rushing into a neighboring business. He is one of two sailors hit with gunfire during a rampage in Frederick Tuesday. Nutt has since been released from Shock Trauma in Baltimore.

GARRETT WAGNER: He was covered in blood. All he said to us was, I've been shot. There's an active shooter and he's still chasing me.

MIKE HELLGREN: Workers at Nicolock Paving called 911 and tried to provide comfort to Nutt. Minutes later, you see first responders rush in to treat the sailor's injuries.

GARRETT WAGNER: You think like, man, did I make the right decision? Was I doing it right? Should I have just protected myself? But I guess as humans, we jumped right in there and we reacted.

MIKE HELLGREN: Police released this picture of 38-year-old Fantahun Girma Woldesenbet, a Navy medic. They identified him as the gunman who shot the sailors at a military warehouse. Authorities have still not released a motive.

Woldesenbet then drove a few miles away to the Fort Detrick army base, where he breached a gate before police there killed him.

ANDREW ALCORN: We're looking into any and all weapons if we find, any and all writings, anything and everything that could give us more information as to his background.

MIKE HELLGREN: Woldesenbet and both injured sailors were stationed at Fort Detrick. The alleged gunman worked in the Naval Medical Research Center on the base for the past two years. He enlisted in 2012 and had been awarded a Good Conduct Medal. Investigators carried out evidence from his home, not far from the base. Neighbors say he had a wife and children.

RACHEL TUCKER: I don't know that I really had full time to process it all yet. I mean, it's shocking.

MIKE HELLGREN: And 36-year-old sailor Carlos Portugal is still being treated at Shock Trauma for his injuries. He was in critical condition at last check. Reporting live in Frederick, Mike Hellgren, WJZ.

DENISE KOCH: All right. Thank you, Mike. And of course, we will continue to stay on top of this developing story. We'll bring you the latest on air and online at