Officials monitoring air quality after fire in Channelview

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality said it monitored air and quality levels overnight.

Video Transcript

- Well, right now, workers are monitoring air and water quality after this massive chemical fire here. You may have seen it yesterday in the Channelview area. [? Harris ?] County is now able to monitor air quality in real time. The fire at [INAUDIBLE] is now out.

We brought you this story as it was breaking yesterday afternoon right here on ABC 13 and our streaming apps. And you can see those massive flames shooting out of that warehouse on Lakeside Drive in Channelview. The company provides environmental protection, disaster services, and chemicals to the petrochemical industry.

- We had a drum transfer operation that during the transfer operation, we had an ignition source. At that time, our employees activated our response plan, called for evacuation, and notified 911 immediately. The fire department was deployed. We rapidly had an intensification of a fire situation. Resources were pulled in to mitigate that.

- Roll down the window and you can just hear-- I mean, you can feel the actual heat from the fire, from the flames. And it was kind of scary, so we did a U-turn and we just took off.

- One person went to the hospital for minor respiratory irritation.