Officials Point Fingers During Hearing About U.S. Capitol Riots

There was a lot of finger-pointing in Washington during a hearing about the deadly riots at the U.S. Capitol on Tuesday; CBS2's Dick Brennan reports.

Video Transcript

KRISTINE JOHNSON: In Washington, there was a lot of finger pointing during a hearing about the deadly riots at the US Capitol.

MAURICE DUBOIS: The FBI and Pentagon being singled out. And CBS 2's Dick Brennan has this.

DICK BRENNAN: Nearly seven weeks after the Capitol attack, and still no clear answers of how it all went so badly.

PAUL IRVING: We all believed that the plan met the threat, and that we were prepared. We now know that we had the wrong plan.

DICK BRENNAN: And now more arrests. A Republican committeeman, 46-year-old Philip Grillo of Glen Oaks, Queens, who authorities say barged into the Capitol through a broken window. And Thomas Webster of upstate New York, a retired NYPD officer and Marine veteran charged with assaulting a police officer with a Marine Corps flagpole.

CARNEYSHA MENDOZA: As an American and as an Army veteran, it's sad to see us attacked by our fellow citizens.

DICK BRENNAN: Capitol Police captain Carneysha Mendoza told the Senate hearing the attack left her scarred.

CARNEYSHA MENDOZA: I received chemical burns to my face that still have not healed to this day.

STEVEN SUND: These criminals came prepared for war.

DICK BRENNAN: And authorities say they're sure the attack was coordinated.

STEVEN SUND: You're bringing climbing gear to a demonstration. You're bringing explosives, you're bringing chemical spray.

DICK BRENNAN: But officials faulted the Pentagon for not getting the National Guard to the scene for some four hours.

ROBERT CONTEE: There was not an immediate yes. I was just stunned. You know, I have officers that were out there literally fighting for their lives.

DICK BRENNAN: The former chief of the Capitol Police says he never saw an FBI alert sent the night before that protesters could "get violent" and "go there ready for war."

- --until you hadn't seen it yourself?

STEVEN SUND: No, ma'am. It did not go any further than that.

- OK.

DICK BRENNAN: Now, Sund also acknowledged that police never even train for the type of the attack that they saw. There'll be another congressional hearing on the Hill next week. The FBI and Pentagon officials are expected to be there next week. Maurice and Kristine.

KRISTINE JOHNSON: Dick, thank you.