Officials Scrambling To Provide Self Shelter For Unaccompanied Minors Crossing Border

CBS4's Chris Martinez has the latest on the border crisis.

Video Transcript

- While the White House defends its policies at the southern border, officials are scrambling to provide safe shelter for the children who make the treacherous journey alone.

- AS CBS 4's Chris Martinez reports, a new facility in Southern California is filling up rapidly.

- Hundreds of young migrants will continue arriving here at the San Diego Convention Center until the facility is at capacity.

TODD GLORIA: We will expect some more next week. And so we get to our full capacity of 1,450 sometime expected next week.

- This shelter is for unaccompanied 13-to-17-year-old girls transferred here from border patrol detention facilities which are not designed for minors. The Biden administration says it's pursuing longer-term solutions to the flood of Central American migrants arriving at the US border each day.

JEN PSAKI: We know this will be a diplomatic process. Our view is an, it's not if, but when we work through with these countries the best ways we can work together to address root causes.

- Lawmakers from both parties visited the border over the weekend, with Republicans blaming President Biden for the worsening crisis.

DAN SULLIVAN: There is an open-border policy. There is a catch-and-release policy. And these were changes that the Biden administration instituted.

- A number of facilities are now helping with the overflow of unaccompanied minors. A Dallas convention center is sheltering thousands of boys. And at the San Diego shelter, politicians say it might be a short-term solution. But it's the right thing for now.

SCOTT PETERS: They're going to have a tough journey. But my colleagues here before you are happy for this act of compassion. And we're all committed to solving the bigger problem.

- San Diego's mayor says the girls arriving there are receiving medical and educational services, and especially appreciate a warm bed. Chris Martinez, CBS News, Los Angeles.

- According to the latest government figures, there are about 18,000 unaccompanied migrant children in US federal custody.