Officials: U.S. wages retaliatory airstrikes in Iraq following attack that killed 2 troops

Catherine Garcia

U.S. airstrikes are now underway in Iraq, in response to a rocket attack on Wednesday that left two American troops at Camp Taji dead, U.S. officials said.

Camp Taji is a military base north of Baghdad that is used for training. Wednesday's attack also killed one British service member. U.S. officials told The New York Times the airstrikes are targeting facilities believed to store the types of rockets used in the attack.

Earlier Thursday, Defense Secretary Mark Esper said the United States "will not tolerate attacks against our people, our interests, or our allies." Esper and Army Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said it was believed the attack was carried out by Iranian-backed fighters. "You don't get to shoot at our bases and kill and wound Americans and get away with it," Esper said.

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