Officials urge residents to fight pandemic fatigue as temps rise

With the sun shining and a nice stretch of warm weather, Philadelphia officials are sounding the alarm as people let their guards down.

Video Transcript

- It is Monday night. Shari is off. Maggie Kent is joining us. And the big story in Action News, is the COVID-19 concern growing as more restrictions are eased?

MAGGIE KENT: And here in Philadelphia, city leaders are concerned about large crowds that might be out enjoying this nice weather. Action News reporter Jaclyn Lee live in Center City with the details. Jaclyn.

JACLYN LEE: Well, Maggie and Rick, of course it's an absolutely gorgeous day. You can see plenty of people behind me enjoying this nice weather. But health officials are saying just because you got vaccinated and because you've been locked up for the last year, it's not time to get back to normal, just yet.


With the sun shining and a nice stretch of warm weather, officials are sounding the alarm as people let their guards down.

LAWRENCE LIVIORNESE: It's a beautiful spring day. It's tempting for us to put the masks away and pretend this epidemic is over. It's not over. The virus is still here. It's still deadly.

MAGGIE KENT: Despite a rise in COVID cases, spring break and pandemic fatigue is leading to an influx of maskless crowds in cities like Miami. Here in Philadelphia six people were shot early Saturday morning after dozens gathered at a Germantown Avenue club. On Sunday more than 60 Philadelphia police officers broke up large crowds outside a North Philadelphia club.

- I keep thinking they're all going to go back to their families, their towns, and their colleges and spread infection.

MAGGIE KENT: But more people are finding confidence to go out after getting vaccinated. On Monday morning gal pals Dorothy and Joan wandered around Independence Hall.

- This is our first big adventure, as a matter of fact.

MAGGIE KENT: Their first adventure since the pandemic struck.

- You cannot thank the Lord enough for this beautiful weather. So we're out to just go places. Because like I said, seeing as we got our two shots, I feel like the world is opening up again.

MAGGIE KENT: And due to spring's arrival, visitors were on the shores, ramping up for the months ahead.

- Well, we are in AC. We saw a lot of people in the casino, a lot of people betting. Most of them were wearing masks. But it was kind of, everyone was kind of ready to let loose and whatnot.

MAGGIE KENT: And today Mayor Jim Kenney weighed in on the spring break gatherings. He says people need to be less selfish and think about how their actions will impact their family, potentially.

Live in Center City tonight, Jaclyn Lee, Channel 6 Action News. Maggie.

- Jaclyn, thank you.