Ohio Again Breaks Record For Most COVID-19 Cases Confirmed In Day

COLUMBUS, OH — Another day, another record number of new COVID-19 cases confirmed in Ohio.

On Saturday, the Ohio Department of Health announced 5,549 new coronavirus cases were discovered among Ohioans. That's up from Friday's record-breaking total of 5,008 new cases.

Ohio is now averaging 3,119 new cases per day, according to Ohio Department of Health data.

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Gov. Mike DeWine has spent weeks urging Ohioans to stick to social distancing protocols, avoid gathering together indoors and to wear their facemasks.

Ohio's new COVID-19 surge is not emerging from a single geographic location in the state, but from the state as a whole. According to the state's color-coded warning system, 86 percent of Ohioans now live in a county considered "red" for its COVID-19 spread.

Additionally, all 88 of Ohio's counties are considered "high incidence" by CDC standards, meaning the virus is spreading rapidly through those areas.

Here are all of Saturday's COVID-19 numbers in Ohio:

  • New cases: 5,549

  • New deaths: 12

  • New hospitalizations: 149

  • New ICU admissions: 14

This article originally appeared on the Across Ohio Patch