Ohio Confirms Nearly 700 New Coronavirus Cases

Chris Mosby

COLUMBUS, OH — More than 680 new coronavirus cases were confirmed in Ohio on Saturday, exceeding the state's 21-day average. Prior to Saturday, Ohio had been adding 642 cases per day.

Ohio has expanded its testing capacity from 7,000 tests daily to 8,000 tests daily, which may account for an increase in positive tests. Hospitalizations caused by COVID-19 were level with the 21-day average, with 82 Ohioans now seeking care in hospitals.

At least 25 people also died from COVID-19 complications between Friday and Saturday, the state health department confirmed.

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State health officials have also been tracking how many Ohioans enter intensive care units. On Saturday, at least 12 Ohioans went into intensive care. The 21-day average is 21.

Franklin County leads Ohio in confirmed COVID-19 cases, with 3,710. Lucas County leads the state in COVID-19 deaths, with 164.

On Tuesday, consumer retail stores and services will reopen to the public. Restaurants and bars can resume in-store service on May 21.

Editor's note: an early version of this story transposed numbers of new hospitalizations and ICU admissions.

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