Ohio fire crew rescues a dog from an icy pond

Members of the Sylvania Township Fire Department leapt into action on Feb. 28 to save a woman's dog after it fell into an icy pond outside a hospital.

Video Transcript

- He got away.

- It's cool, it's cool.


- Hey--

- Do you have him?

- Stand next to me when he comes up.


- --yeah. You're going to pull away from my body.

- I don't want my hands to be cold [INAUDIBLE]

- All right, once it gets to my face, you gotta kinda--

- I want to pull the hood up.

- Here, I got it. You ready?

- We'll pull you out, Pat!

- You want it all the way up?


- OK.

- OK, buddy. Come on! Hey, here! [WHISTLES] Go on! Good boy!

- Come on, baby, go!

- Good boy!

- Come on baby, go! [INAUDIBLE]

- Good job, Pat!

- [GROANS] Thanks, man.

- We've got towels and blankets in the truck. We've got towels and blankets in the truck.

- Yeah I've got her, and I've got a rope. Thank you so much.