Ohio Task Force 1 arrives back in Vandalia after staging for Tropical Storm Idalia

Ohio Task Force 1 has arrived back in Ohio after staging for Tropical Storm Idalia in Georgia.

After arriving in the Atlanta area on Tuesday afternoon, the 47-person team settled into its staging area and waited while Hurricane Idalia made landfall. Strategically staged to move wherever they might be needed, OH-TF1 was outside the affected area.

>> PHOTOS: Ohio Task Force 1 arrives back in Vandalia

“Our force was down there ready, we were training, we were prepared to operate in the region. Fortunately, the damage in the areas we were assigned was not significant enough. Our assistance was not needed,” Jim O’Connor, task force leader said.

On Wednesday and Thursday, the team conducted training and planning sessions while remaining ready for any mission assignments.

The team was deactivated Thursday evening and arrived home back in Ohio around 7:20 p.m. Friday.

“Coming back that way is the best outcome for everyone because that means the people weren’t affected that much, it’s not as much risk to us,” O’Connor said.

O’Connor shared why he does what he does.

“We all have the desire to help people. We have a special skillset and we practice that skillset and train hard with it so that where there is a need we can be of assistance,” he said.