Ohio Woman Finds Explosive Devices In Bag Alongside Railroad Tracks

A bomb squad determined the devices could have exploded.

Video Transcript

- A scary find at a park in Ohio. A woman discovered a bag full of improvised explosive devices along a set of railroad tracks. It happened in Akron. The woman saw the bag and thought it was trash so she picked it up. But she looked inside and found two homemade explosive devices and she called police.

- Children play around here, for one thing. I mean how about if they took it home, right?

- Crazy. This world is nuts. Everything's going on, you know? I mean, I don't know why anybody-- especially around here-- would make something like that.

- The bomb squad did determine those devices could have exploded. Thankfully, they did not. No one was hurt. Police are still trying to determine who made those devices and who left them along the tracks.