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Is it OK to get a vaccine in another county? Here's what we found

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Vaccine appointments are slim in the Bay Area, where demand is ultra-high. So is it OK to take a little road trip to Fresno, LA or another county with more time slots? We found out.

Video Transcript

- Getting the vaccine can seem like a monumental effort, so much so that some are willing to drive long distances to get the shot. But is that really following the rules? ABC7 news reporter Wayne Freedman found out.

WAYNE FREEDMAN: A better start to the day for some Marin County residents this morning. Were you surprised?

- Yes, because I'd looked last night, and there was nothing.

WAYNE FREEDMAN: Which morphed into last-minute vaccination appointments one day before 50-year-olds join the queue across California. Do you expect a rush tomorrow?

- I do.

- I know some neighbors that are going to Arizona to get theirs.

- So you have your vaccination card?

WAYNE FREEDMAN: Enter the concept of a vaccination road trip. While not common, people often track websites, like the one offered by CVS Pharmacies. If an appointment opens up even hundreds of miles away in, say, the Central Valley, some Californians have made those journeys. Lisa Kalajian speaks for CVS.

LISA KALAJIAN: At this point, if they are able to go online and register for their vaccine, and that is the most convenient location for them at the time, they are able to.

WAYNE FREEDMAN: For the record, FEMA will take pretty much anyone from anywhere. County vaccination sites, like this one in Marin, take residents only. But there's a catch. Few sites, whether county or commercial, check to make sure the information is accurate. We asked about that in Contra Costa County today.

- We trust people to self-attest.

WAYNE FREEDMAN: And now with 50-year-olds becoming eligible, there are concerns that shortages in one county may lead to duplicity elsewhere.

LYNDA HOPKINS: I just feel like everybody wants this get out of jail free card right now, and unfortunately, there are just not enough get out of jail free cards to go around.

WAYNE FREEDMAN: So be grateful that most of us, at least, are honest and honorable. In Marin County, Wayne Freedman, ABC7 News.