Oklahoma City Blue vs. Raptors 905 - Game Highlights

Watch the Game Highlights from Oklahoma City Blue vs. Raptors 905, 03/03/2021

Video Transcript

- --for the Dinosaurs. Pokusevski, a deep 3. And maybe that can get the Blue going. Like to see more of this from Aleksej Pokusevski. Almost looked like he wasn't really expecting a pass initially.

The youngest player in the NBA this year. He turned 19 the day after Christmas. So he was 18 when he got drafted. There is an and one for GPII. The foul on Melvin Frazier Jr. Oh, and a slap of the backboard as well.

Tinkle on Hoard. Off the glass and down.

So Yurtseven with another bucket as there's a deep 3. Henry Ellenson from way downtown to end the first quarter.

Tap won by Frazier on the jump ball. Here comes Woolridge on the drive. Elevates and finishes. Woolridge--

And we talked about Brown's free throw shooting coming into this game was that 61%. And missed a free throw there. And then a bucket the other way.

Into the corner. Booth, a 3. That'll drop.

Cleveland had Frazier on the baseline. Pinned off the window by Johnson. Fast break the other way. It's Payton gliding in and finishing.

Continues the shooting woes for the Blue. Great move inside. Payton high off the glass off the pro hop.

Tinkle goes to Mooney. His hook shot is good. He says anything you can do, Zavier Simpson, I can do just as well. Mooney--

- Line 'em up! Line 'em up!

- --got a lot of tricks. That's one of them.

- First team foul.

Stauskas bouncing it off. Here comes Henry. Big Bank Hank with the flush. And the timeout called by Grant Gibbs. All 905 all game long. And Big Bank Hank with the flush.

Missed his own shot and then tipped it home. That'll get him to 20/20. He's being too unselfish. Tinkle inside, beating the shot clock and getting it to go.

Comprehensive performance here from the 905. They've won six in a row, nine of 10 overall. And the 905 join Santa Cruz and Erie at 10 and 3.