This Oklahoma City sandwich shop sells out in minutes

A new pop-up in Oklahoma City is bringing a unique kind of food to the metro.

Video Transcript

SHANI KIM: They don't have anything like this in Oklahoma, so it's really good.

EMILY AKINS: A unique concept drawing thousands to the Plaza District--

- I kind of got one of everything.

EMILY AKINS: --a sandwich shop that's anything but traditional. Sandoitchi is a traveling concept selling different kinds of Japanese sandwiches, otherwise known as sando.

LYAL GRISSOM: I've had something like it in the past, but I'm hoping this is even better.

EMILY AKINS: From the fruit sandwich to the hot chicken, the pop-up lives on social media and was created right as COVID-19 swept the country.

- Thank you so much. [INAUDIBLE] right now.

- OK, thank you.

- Thank you.

EMILY AKINS: They travel city to city and take preorders online when they arrive.

KEITH TRAN: It really came out of necessity. You know, how do we crank out a bunch of food and make sure we're getting it to people in a consistent manner?

EMILY AKINS: And they sell out fast. Here in Oklahoma City, it took only a couple of minutes.

ALEX MACH: Everything sold out pretty quick, but we were lucky enough to get two of each for the four of us.

EMILY AKINS: Their famous $75 Wagyu black-truffle sandwich gone in 30 seconds.

STEVIE NGUYEN: We don't want to mass produce it. We want to make sure everyone gets their money's worth out of it.

EMILY AKINS: You can preorder online, and operations manager Keith Tran says when they sold out this week, they still had about 2,000 customers trying to order.

KEITH TRAN: We suggest everyone to set their own alarm, and that way they have a reminder of when our site goes live.

EMILY ATKINS: People lucky enough to snag a sandwich lined up outside waiting for their chance to try them, and customers say it's worth it.

- It's a lot better than most other sandwiches.

- This is definitely just the beginning.

EMILY AKINS: In Oklahoma City, Emily Akins, Oklahoma's News 4.