Oklahoma football player nearly lost eye in bar fight, lawyer says

Joseph Wilkinson, New York Daily News
·2 min read

An Oklahoma University football player is lucky to still have his left eye after getting beat up in a campus bar fight, according to his attorney.

Spencer Jones, a wide receiver and holder for the Sooners, was caught on video badly losing the bathroom brawl in the early morning hours of Valentine’s Day, the Oklahoma Daily reported.

In the video, Jones (in the front wearing a dark jacket) and a friend confront two other men, who proceed to punch them and wrestle them to the ground. Both sides have since said the other started it.

Woodrow “Woody” Glass, the Jones family’s lawyer, told the Daily that Dr. Perry Brooks spent four hours performing surgery on Jones’ left eye.

“Dr. Brooks came out of that surgery saying he’s extraordinarily lucky at this point, that he’s lucky he didn’t lose the eye altogether,” Glass told the Daily. “And so he was able to do some things surgically to rebuild that orbital socket and thinks everything is eventually going to come back to normal, but it’s going to take a while for him to fully recover.”

The viral fight was not initially reported to local cops, but the Norman Police Department said Monday that it is investigating the incident as aggravated assault and battery, according to the Daily. No one has been arrested.

Cops did not publicly identify the suspects, but a man named Braden Brown said on Twitter that he was one of two brothers seen beating up Jones and his friend. Brown said he and his brother are trained mixed martial arts fighters.

Glass, Jones’ attorney, said his client was trying to deescalate the fight, the Daily reported. On Twitter, Brown said, “They gave us no options unfortunately. We showed restraint.”

Though listed as a receiver, Jones has no career catches, but he did appear in every game as the team’s holder. He won the sarcastic Peter Mortell Holder of the Year Award in 2020.