Oklahoma man charged in fatal shooting, victim was shot in the eye

MIAMI, Okla. – A Miami man who police say confessed to killing another man earlier this month, is now charged with first degree murder.

Travis Christian Wilbur, 34, is charged in Ottawa County District Court and was booked into the Craig County jail on Jan. 26, according to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation press release.

Wilbur is accused of fatally shooting Matthew Vincent Locastro, 27, of Miami on Jan. 5 at a home in Miami.

Miami Police found Locastro dead from an apparent gunshot wound to the left eye with an exit wound to the back of the head.

Affidavit for Arrest Warrent

Police say Wilbur told them he was in his neighbor’s garage working on a trailer, heard a noise outside, and saw Locastro and another man, Nick Hill, enter the garage.

The night of the shooting police detained Wilbur for questioning. According to the arrest affidavit, police say Wilbur told them Locastro hit him with a gun or his fist and their fight continued outside the garage, ending up in the alley where Wilbur’s truck was parked.

Wilbur admitted to police he shot Locastro during the altercation, but he said it was in self defense when the two men were wrestling over a gun, the affidavit states.

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation was called in to take over the case.

Video from a residential surveillance camera reportedly shows two individuals, later identified as Locastro and Hill, run toward the residence at 801 2nd Avenue Northwest. After several minutes, authorities say there were a total of five gunshots heard on the recording.

The video also picks up a man yelling “shoot” several times and then a man yelling “Shoot me” and the final gunshot is heard. Authorities say the video shows Locastro, not engaged in any struggle, backing away from Wilbur’s vehicle. When the last gunshot is heard Locastro falls to the ground, according to the affidavit.

Locastro was found with no shirt on, lying in the alley west of the residence near a trailer.

Court records show Wilbur has a history of multiple instances of child abuse, domestic violence, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and being in a traffic crash that caused the death of an individual. Wilbur also pleaded guilty to a federal charge of possession of stolen firearms.

A hearing date has not yet been set.

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