Oklahoma man shot while riding horse through neighborhood

The horse was shot multiple times by the unknown assailant.

Video Transcript

DEANDRE PRINCE: You pull up and shoot somebody on a horse-- I mean, that's just unconstitutional, really, if you ask me.

- Multiple shots rang out at the corner of Northeast 7th and Royal Tuesday evening. A man riding a horse--

KAY WHEELER: He was screaming, God help me. God help me.

- --taking a bullet to the leg. The horse shot in the shoulder and the stomach.

DEANDRE PRINCE: I thought he bucked up out of here. I'm like, I would have bucked up out of here if I would have heard gunshots.

- Right now, Midwest City Police only have one lead, the unknown suspect taking off in a dark gray Challenger.

KAY WHEELER: And I heard police asking him, who was it? Who was it? And he said, I don't know. I never seen him before.

- Police and Animal Control rushing to the scene, where they say the man was sprawled out on the lawn and the horse bleeding not too far away.

KAY WHEELER: The horse was weak and couldn't walk.

- Kay Wheeler watched all of this unfold from her front porch.

KAY WHEELER: And she said he'd been shot through the lungs and then right above the elbow on the front.

- The horse's blood still stained on her driveway.

KAY WHEELER: She said his respiration, the horse's respiration, was at 48 at that point, and he was breathing real shallow.

- Now neighbors left with even more questions.

DEANDRE PRINCE: He's not doing nothing. He's just riding his horse.

- Not threatening.

DEANDRE PRINCE: Not threatening at all.

KANDI MCDANIEL: Sometimes life can be very scary living here.