Olathe Public Schools plan for classes during possible Chiefs parade

OLATHE, Kan. — Some school districts in the Kansas City metro are already poised to use so-called “Red Snow Days,” calling off school for a parade on Wednesday if the Kansas City Chiefs win Super Bowl LVIII.

Kansas City Public Schools and the Independence School District have already made plans — but some districts aren’t following suit.

Teachers in Olathe Public Schools got a message Thursday from administrators that has since been shared with FOX4.

The memo said, parade or not, the plan is to have school on Wednesday.

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According to the district calendar, that Wednesday is a planned half-day for the district followed by two off-days on Thursday and Friday.

In 2015, leading up to the parade honoring the Kansas City Royals World Series win, area school district were hesitant to call off classes. It led to some last minute school closures when large numbers of staff requested paid time off, or called in sick. Finding substitutes proved problematic.

This year, in a message to district teachers and staff shared with FOX4, Olathe Public Schools communicated it plans to stay open if there’s a super bowl parade.

“Due to the five inclement weather days this semester, we are being extra intentional with our instructional minutes moving forward and have made the decision to have school and conferences as planned from Feb. 12-15,” according to the memo shared with FOX4.

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The reaction from the public has been mixed. Broderick Jones, a young songwriter in Olathe, feels the district is making the wrong choice.

“Maybe they’re too privileged right now. You know? We’ve had so many in the last five years that they’re like ‘Oh, it will come again.’ But it’s never promised so, let the kids out man,” Jones said.

“I know like teachers, they’re not even going to show up to school. They’re going to be at the parade. So what’s the point of letting the kids stay and go to school,” Gerald Wilkie said.

“As a teacher I would have been ‘Yeah, hell yes,’ because I was working then. I’m retired now. But – yeah – I would have been all for it,” Ed Harbord, a retired chemistry and physics teacher, said.

Harbord said he sees it both ways and is sympathetic to the situation with inclement weather days. But he lays out that just because schools are open – it doesn’t mean people will show.

“The ones that want to skip and go, they go, you know? Because you can’t – in this day and age – you can’t shake parents up about anything like that. So if they’re going to let their kids go, they’re going to let them go,” Harbord said.

“And, again, I don’t like all this talk about it because it may jinx it,” Harbord said with a laugh.

“Let the kids out guys. What are we doing? Like, imagine if you were a kid, if the Chief win, I’d want to go to the parade. So, I mean, let ’em out. Let ’em free #letemfree,” Jones said.

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FOX4 has not seen anything communicated yet with teachers and staff in other Johnson County districts.

Again, the conflict in this discussion is all contingent on the Chiefs winning the Super Bowl.

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