Old Town School of Folk Music celebrates Black History Month

All of Black History Month events at Old Town School of Folk Music are virtual this year, so you can celebrate from the comfort of your own home.

Video Transcript

- Celebrating with a variety of fun dance, art, and music classes for the whole family to enjoy. Joining us this morning is Kim Davis, a senior director of education, at Old Town School of Folk Music. Kim, Thanks for joining us this morning. We appreciate it.

- Thank you, thank you for having me.

- It's a pleasure. So Kim, tell us, Old Town School of Folk Music, you guys have been around since the 1950s. Why is Black History Month so important as an annual celebration for you?

KIM DAVIS: Yeah, so, Old Town School has been around since about 1957. We were founded at the height of the social justice movement, the Civil Rights Movement. And we've had a strong base of folk and social justice music-- themed music and dance since the beginning. So the core of our programming is celebrating all historical cultures that come to us. And one of the important cultures is our Black History program. So we celebrate that annually during the month of February. We have a large slate of programs and music and dance. And we just-- we enjoy celebrating and teaching about the cultures.

- Yeah so tell me some of the programming that is available and some of those classes that we might be able to do virtually.

- Oh yes, we have a great slate of programs still left for the rest of this month. So we have a funky banjo, some African rooted percussion, and we have some movement classes. So you can check out our Afro-Brazilian samba class, our Afro-Cuban dance class and our roots of tap dance workshop. All of that happening over this last week of February.

- Oh, I love that. And I know-- well, folk music is in the name-- there's more than just traditional folk music taught from you guys. So what are some of the classes besides music that are available like dance or art?

- Yeah so folk really, to us, means gathering of the people, right? And so a lot of those programs are based on community components of dance and music. So we have West African drumming. We have blues harmonica. We have some vocal classes. And some amazing guitar classes as well. Along with some classes for our little ones. So we have our wiggle worms class. We have lots of music and dance classes for kids as well.

- I love that, the wiggle worms, we've got to get those in. So, last question here. So for somebody who is looking to to get started, do you need to have experience here? Or is there, kind of, like a-- you can start at square one.

- Oh you can definitely start at square one. So we have classes for beginners, absolute beginners, all the way through advanced. We pride ourselves in providing a space for the learner no matter how they enter. So all abilities are welcome.

- Well, Kim. Thank you so much for talking about it we really appreciate it.

KIM DAVIS: Thank you for having me today.

- Absolutely and good luck with everything that the rest of this month.