Olive Branch honors those servicemen and women who died this Memorial Day

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Over 1 million servicemen and women have died in combat since the Civil War began, and Memorial Day is set aside strictly to honor their memories.

FOX13 went to Memorial Day services in Olive Branch, where hundreds paused to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for this country.

Family members and friends of those lost in service paused at Blocker Cemetery to remember them.

The entrance to the cemetery and leading to the service site was lined with flags with the names of veterans on them.

Services opened with a flyover by the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Department.

Among those to mark the day and remember was Jack Marr, Olive Branch Vietnam Veteran, who came to remember friends killed in combat and family.

”All of them, and I remember my dad and my grandad who are buried here,” Marr said.

Diana Crumpler’s brother, James Henry Taylor, was honored during the service,

He has been missing in action since the Vietnam War, and his remains were never found.

She has wondered what happened to him ever since.

”This service brings closure to me and my brother and to his daughter and family. This is the first time his hometown of Olive Branch has honored him,” Crumpler said.

Marine Corps Veteran Tom Drumm said he started attending this service five years ago.

He lost friends in combat, and he refused to miss the service.

”I’d like to remember those who are fallen. I try to remember that I came back and they didn’t, and I always try to remember the ones who didn’t make it,” Drumm said.

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Also, on this Memorial Day, one Olive Branch family held a big family get-together, all to honor Mom and Dad.

The Woods family of Olive Branch told us they are getting together in Olive Branch City Park to honor their mother and father.

“They would be very delighted. They would be happy as happy can be, my mom and dad were people persons, and they enjoyed being out here in the Olive Branch Park,” said Dorothy Woods-Porter.

Wiley Woods and Susie Woods had eleven children, and nine of them got together to remember their mom and dad and their two brothers, WT Woods and Morgan Woods, who have also passed away.

They were there to reminisce, plant a tree in their mom and dad’s honor, and have a balloon release in honor of those family members who have passed on.

The list of what was to eat is almost as long as the list of brothers and sisters.

”Chicken, brats, smoked sausage, wings and hamburgers, spaghetti, potato salad, and coleslaw,” Monica Woods said.

The family told us that they get together like this on a regular basis and that it’s special to them and that their mother and father would approve.

“We are a bonded family, which, we stay together and keep the legacy of our mother and father,” Edna Woods-Rubin said.

“Oh, it means a lot because some families are not together, and it’s good to show that families can still be together and be one.” Erica Woods said.