Oliver Dowden: We have every confidence this will be the last lockdown

Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden says he has 'every confidence' there will be no future lockdowns. With the easing of restrictions in England, groups of up to six, or two households, will be able to socialise in parks and gardens once more as outdoor sports facilities reopen and the stay-at-home order ends on Monday.

Video Transcript

ANDREW MARR: Can you guarantee that this will be the last lockdown?

OLIVER DOWDEN: Well, this is why we have chosen to go on this cautious path. The aim of doing it is--

ANDREW MARR: That's not yes.

OLIVER DOWDEN: Well, the aim of doing this is to make sure that it's irreversible. But certainly, my whole experience of the past year-- and I think everyone that's watching's experience of the past year-- is you can't rule things out. But we have every--

ANDREW MARR: So there could be be another lockdown?

OLIVER DOWDEN: Well, we have every confidence--


OLIVER DOWDEN: --that we won't have to have another lockdown because we've done this. And we will-- this is the last thing in the world we want to do. And I'm confident that because of these measures, we will avoid having a further lockdown. That is why we are taking a more cautious approach.