Olly Otter Brings Tears of Joy to 22-Year-Old Cancer Patient on Valentine's Day

Children’s hospital mascot Olly Otter made a special delivery to bone cancer patient Oderra Campbell on Valentine’s Day, bringing her flowers, cards from the medical staff at Prisma Health Children’s Hospital, and lots of happy tears.

Campbell is 22 years old and recently underwent surgery, Filiz Campbell, Oderra’s mother, told Storyful. “It’s been really hard for her to enjoy the actual things she used to love, [so] we decided to surprise her with Olly the Otter.”

Olly had spoken to Campbell online while she was receiving her treatments at the hospital, so getting to meet him in person was even more of a special surprise.

Filiz recorded the visit, showing a surprised Campbell opening the front door to Olly, who is standing on the porch holding flowers.

Campbell gives Olly a hug, and is then told to sit tight while he runs to grab the notes written to her by the doctors and nurses at the hospital.

“Oh, I love you, thank you,” Campbell says as Olly begins to hand her the cards. Campbell breaks into tears as she reads the notes and thanks him again.

Campbell posted the video to her Facebook page, captioned, “Thank you for making me laugh and cry (happy tears!). Thank you to everyone who wrote me notes! I love my hospital family so much!”

According to local media, Campbell underwent chemotherapy for nine months, and is currently in remission. Credit: Filiz Campbell via Storyful