Pregnant former gymnast Shawn Johnson just tested positive for COVID-19 in her second trimester

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Debanjali Bose
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Shawn Johnson
Shawn Johnson, pictured here while pregnant with her first child, Drew, in 2019, just tested positive for COVID-19. Paul Archuleta/Getty Images
  • On Sunday, Shawn Johnson shared that she'd tested positive for the coronavirus.

  • The retired gymnast recently told Insider about the "uncertainty" of being pregnant in the pandemic.

  • Johnson, who won gold at the 2008 Olympics, said she has a sore throat, cough, and headache.

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Days before sharing that she'd tested positive for the coronavirus, former Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson opened up to Insider about the "uncertainty" of being pregnant during a pandemic.

"My husband and I got nervous when we got pregnant. What's it going to look like to give birth in a hospital? What are the protocols these days?" Johnson told Insider on January 26 while promoting her partnership with Eggo.

"That made us nervous and just the general health aspect of making sure I stay healthy and keep the baby healthy," she added.

She said that, like everyone else, the past year has taught her to "roll with the punches."

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On Sunday, less than a week later, Johnson shared her coronavirus diagnosis in an Instagram story. She said that she was "nervous" and "exhausted."

"I have asthma and have had it my whole life so this scares me a little," she wrote. Ashley Laderer previously reported for Insider that having asthma might lead to more severe COVID-19 symptoms.

Johnson listed a sore throat, cough, and headache as some of the symptoms she was experiencing. She said she was also experiencing fatigue but "that's pregnancy."

"Not looking for any kind of [pity] party. Just a reminder to take care of yourself. Drink an extra water tonight and wash your hand," she said.

In her Instagram story, Johnson also shared that a "very close family member" fought for his life while battling COVID-19 so "it's a very serious topic of conversation" in their home.

Representatives for Johnson didn't immediately respond to a request for comment from Insider regarding Johnson's recent COVID-19 diagnosis.

Johnson spoke to Insider about how parenting has changed during the pandemic

Johnson is married to NFL long snapper Andrew East and the couple has a young daughter, Drew. The retired gymnast told Insider that her mother has started helping them out by looking after 15-month-old Drew during the pandemic.

"I think it was a learning experience for everyone. Just figuring out how to cater their lives to being at home a hundred percent of the time, with childcare and work, and navigating all of it," Johnson said of how parenting has changed during the pandemic.

"It's also been a blessing, looking at the upside, being able to see our daughter every single day and play with her throughout the day and see her change, learn, and grow," she added.

One thing Johnson has resisted is giving her toddler unlimited screentime, telling Insider that she usually reserves giving Drew access to TV or electronics for "dire situations" or as a treat and that Drew is "very into books right now."

"If you give her a bunch of books, she'll just be a happy little camper for a solid 30 minutes, which is a lot for parents," Johnson said.

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