OMG this Disney's Frozen makeup collection has us feeling some type of way

Gabrielle Dyer
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From Cosmopolitan

Frozen: the Disney film that managed to bring us all together. We've watched it so many times we're pretty sure we could quote like any part you asked us to and we may (or may not) have attempted to create an DIY Elsa Halloween costume this year.

What we're trying to say is we're BIG fans, like huge, so the prospect of a Frozen palette was almost too much to bare. But that's what's about to down, peeps. Yep, according to the wonderful people over at Trendmood (who keep their beady eyes on all things beauty), Colour Pop Cosmetics have collaborated with Disney to create two makeup collections in celebration of the new film Frozen Two.

If you're not as much of a Frozen fanatic as ourselves, know that the story consists of two sisters Elsa and Anna. Colourpop have made two collections, one for each sister and while both are undeniably beaut, we've definitely already got a favourite.

Let's start with Elsa's. Encased in baby blue, there's an eyeshadow palette, holographic lipgloss, dark red lipstick and silver glitter pot. The eyeshadow shades are definitely on the cooler side, minus the berry reds and there's a fair few soft shimmery colours, a metallic silver and one holographic glitter.

Elsa's collection is a lot warmer, more earthy toned and comes in a beautiful mauve box. There's a mix of purple, orange, gold and white eyeshadow shades, with a gold glitter pot. The lipstick is a 90s brick red and the gloss is a soft orange. Elsa's collection is without a doubt the one we've got our eye on - those autumnal hues are the dreamiest.

The collection goes live on on the 15th of November. Bring. It. On.

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