OMG Girlz Reveal Why They Didn't Attend Their High School Graduation

The OMG Girlz recently sat down for an interview with The Shade Room to reflect on their years of “genuine friendship,” and share exactly how life has been treating them since they ventured into their own solo careers.

The trio, which consists of Bahja Rodriguez, Zonnique Pullins and Breaunna Womack, revealed that they are still best friends to this day and even consider each other “sisters.”

“I feel like we’re really sisters, but you know, the thing with us – and I feel like what’s so cool about our dynamic is the fact that we have been able to maintain a real friendship throughout us being a group, us not being a group,” Rodriguez shared.

“And I think that’s like so rare [because] people look at girl groups and [assume] that there has to be something wrong and they had to have broken up because there was some type of turmoil,” she continued. “And really with us, I feel like we’ve been able to maintain a real, genuine friendship in the industry and it’s actually kind of commendable to see.”

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The girls went on to reflect on their favorite moments as a group, sharing how they were able to come up with their vibrant punk-rock style, how they influenced the younger generation to embrace their individuality, and their favorite moments from their first tour.

When asked what their least favorite part about being on tour was, the trio agreed that it was missing out on time with their family and friends.

“We were still in high school at that point so we missed a lot of proms with our class,” Rodriguez shared. “Certain things where other teenagers could go out on the weekend with their friends and go to a party… whereas us, on the weekends we’re booked out like Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. All throughout the week, we’re booked up and on the weekend we’re back to it.”

Zonnique Pullins then chimed in to share that one thing she really hated is not being able to walk with her high school graduating class.

“Something that I always hate that we didn’t get to do is walk with our class, which we tried really hard to do but they were like ‘no.’ They didn’t allow us to walk with our class,” she shared. “We were caught up with our class so we could have walked with our class. We were doing our work on the road but they were like ‘no it’s dead.’ We had to make our own graduation.”

Rodriguez agreed with Pullins, and added that she believes each of their high schools “hated” on the girls. 

We had tutors and everything. We were really all work, making the collective effort to really work hard and walk with our class,” she shared. “They hated on us.”

“I went to a different school in a different city and state and they did the same thing to me so I don’t know what the energy was against the OMG Girlz walking,” Womack added. “Whatever the reason was, blessings to everybody.”