Omni Fiber begins work in Clyde

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CLYDE — Omni Fiber, a Cincinnati-based fiber optic business, has been busy installing fiber optic lines in Clyde and will also be serving Dover and Shelby as its initial markets in Ohio.

Construction signs have been popping up on Clyde streets in recent weeks as Omni Fiber teams have been stringing fiber optic line along poles and underground.

At the Aug. 2 meeting of Clyde City Council, City Manager Justin LaBenne updated members on the Omni Fiber project. He said he and staff had been working with the crew to keep the project progressing and to monitor its progress.

Darrick Zucco, CEO of Omni Fiber, said in a news release that the company was founded in 2022 and aims to provide service to residents of small and midsized towns in the Midwest with high-speed fiber optic service.

Fiber optic firm to offer service in other cities

Clyde was the first city to see construction, but later in August the business will be stringing fiber optic line in Dover and Shelby as well. The construction process will take several months to complete and will occur in phases.

Omni Fiber projects it will begin offering services this fall. Those services will include fiber optic internet with speeds up to 2 Gbps, with traditional streaming TV options and phone. The company said in its press release that the new internet will have no data caps, no installation charges, premium wi-fi and Ohio-based sales and customer services. For more information on the company visit

Omni Fiber officials eye investing $7 million in Fremont

In July Jeff O'Brien and Bryant McAfee from Omni Fiber attended a Fremont City Council session and presented a program to officials about also putting fiber optics in Fremont and offering services there as well.

Omni Fiber is seeking to invest $7 million in Fremont with a network infrastructure that would expand broadband capabilities, according to council minutes.


This article originally appeared on Fremont News-Messenger: Omni Fiber begins work in Clyde