Woman Shares Tummy Pic, Internet Flips Out for Some Reason

Who knew a photo posted to social media of a woman wearing Walmart underwear could turn into a troll-sesh complete with body-hair shaming?

Twitter user @iranikanjari recently posted pictures of herself in her underwear, in which you can only see her from the chest down and from the top of the thighs up.She captioned the photos “walmart underwear vibes.”

And then the Interwebs exploded because OMG, apparently some people had no idea a woman could have body hair on her stomach, and that this is a totally normal and perfectly natural thing.

… But also some people rejoiced, relieved and empowered to see a woman just being herself.

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First, some facts about body hair…that begin with our old friend, puberty. During puberty, hormone levels in the body change — and as a result, hair grows, including in the pubic area. Increasing testosterone levels can also lead to the growth of hair on the stomach — and yes, this can occur in women, too.

Hirsutism, or excessive hair growth, in women is impacted by genetics – and also can be caused by various hormonal conditions. Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is a common hormonal disorder in women; while it is best known for the impact it might have on a woman’s fertility, it can also yield hair growth on the face and body. (In fact, body hair is one of the best diagnostic factors for PCOS.)

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Sure, birth control pills can help regulate body hair growth in women by altering hormone levels. But the fact of the matter is, the choice about how any one person chooses to address body hair is a totally personal decision with no right or wrong answer.

Want to shave/Nair/wax/pluck/whatever? Great. If that makes you happy and comfortable in your body, go for it.

Want to leave your body hair as is? Also great! If that makes you happy and comfortable in your body, go for it.

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