Once again the education savings account (vouchers) fails in House education bill - What's Your Point?

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I humbly ask you to look at the merits of this bill from top to bottom, from the investments we make in public schools to the parental options to secure their God-given right to direct the education of their children. I ask you to give it a really, really close look. State Rep. Brad Buckley (R) Killeen

Houston - It would be the last and best pitch for a "school choice" measure championed by Governor Greg Abbott....and..... As it was in the regular session... And the three specials that followed...appropriating public dollars for private school education....collapsed under the combined weight of house democrats and rural republicans....irreversibly opposed to what they call "vouchers".

In the end, even linking billions of additional dollars to existing public schools failed to prove persuasive.

Jared Patterson (R) Frisco - "Mr. Raney are you aware that if your amendment goes on to this bill, that the historic funding to public education, including teacher pay raises, will be lost?

John Raney (R) College Station - "Yes I am."

Jared Patterson (R) Frisco - "You're willing to give up that historic funding?"

John Raney (R) College Station - "I have visited with my school districts and they were so concerned about this and there were other people in the district too, about this costing so much that they are willing to forgo that at this point, and I hope and pray that the governor calls back and separates these issues to make sure we give the teachers the pay raise they're due."

And so - the "un-holy" alliance, held....and depending on how Governor Abbott and Lt. Governor Dan Patrick react....there may well be "legislative hell" to pay.

21 House Republicans joined with House Democrats in a bipartisan coalition that defied the GOP governor.