One Advantage Fios and Xfinity Has Over Streaming Services Like Netflix, Disney+ and Hulu (And They Can’t Match It)

Harry J. Kazianis

Something we need to consider as we move into an age where technology keeps getting better—especially when it comes to viewing video content in more and more places—is that user experience needs to be emphasized much more. This is especially vital for senior citizens or those who might not be as technologically inclined.

This is an important consideration and should not be brushed aside. You can have the most amazing new OLED TV, but how you interact with it to get the content you need must be enjoyable and easy to master—I know from experience.

There are big questions we need to start asking in the age where streaming services, streaming players and cable TV and satellite services often all go into one TV—and the confusion that can cause. The days where all the content you wanted to watch was just on cable are over. For example: How accessible is the content you want to view? How hard or easy is it to find what you are looking for? What are the steps you need to go through to watch that new episode of the Baby Yoda Show, ummm, I mean The Mandalorian? How do you access that latest movie that is just on Netflix? Where is that Amazon Prime App? How do I switch over to watch Fox News or CNN?

For many, that seems silly and second nature, but not all of us can whip through the screens and steps necessary to watch what we want. And with so many ways to find, view and interact with content—and how many places you could get that content—it can get a little confusing and frustrating.

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