One-armed monkey becomes a nanny for senior dogs

One-armed monkey becomes a nanny for senior dogs

Video Transcript

- This is not what it looks like. The one-armed monkey is not trying to break into a stranger's home.

- He's so cute!


- Horace lives at the Twala Trust Animal Sanctuary in Zimbabwe, where he's taken on the role of a nanny of sorts.


- He loves to groom everyone. The sanctuary is home to dozens of senior and disabled dogs, so quite often he can be seen looking after them. Here, as he's intensely grooming, Casper the cockatoo watches him. Who, by the way, loves to talk.

- Horace's services are not just limited to the dogs. Since he doesn't discriminate, even humans benefit from his talent.

- That's lovely, thanks Horace.


This playful character who has found his way into the hearts of many had a very difficult start to life. He was deprived of his own family when he was orphaned at just a few days old.

- Come on, Horace. Let's go!

- But since his rescue, he's made a life for himself at the sanctuary.

- There we are, Your Highness.


- The weather looks lovely today.

- Horace, you look so handsome.

- He loves to run.

When he goes for walks, he keeps a watch for any potential predators. So his dog friends are safe, even though there's not much of a threat.

- It's OK, Horace.

- He loves to climb. He loves to play just like any other monkey. He doesn't let his disability limit his life in any way.

He's a calming influence on others, and doesn't hesitate to help his fellow residents. Like lowering the branch for his dog friends. However, he also doesn't hesitate to be assertive when he thinks someone's crossing his limits.

And when it comes to food, he's not really the sharing is caring kind of guy. Here as his friends urge him to share his lush platter, he positions himself where they can't reach him, throws down small pieces and watch them suffer as he enjoys the feast himself.

But, he has no problem digging into someone else's food, like this tortoise's. He thinks he has the first right to all the sanctuary's food supply.

- One for Isabelle. Oh.

- Horace, no!

- No!

- And of course, after all that food, Horace loves his naps. While the animals that live here endured tragedy and sadness in the past, today they are all part of a wonderful and unique family.


- Have fun! Bye.