One year of COVID: Delco travel nurse helped in hardest-hit area

Action News reached back out to a travel nurse who lives in Delaware County but signed up to go to some of the hardest-hit areas.

Video Transcript

- Health Check as we close out our week long series, One Year of COVID. Tonight, we look at the toll on health care workers across this country. Health reporter and registered nurse Ali Gorman, joining us at the big board. She's reached back out to a local nurse who is out there on the front lines. Ali?

ALI GORMAN: Yeah, and Brian, she lives in Delaware County. But she's a travel nurse, and she has signed up to go to some of the hardest hit areas.

STACEY BOSAK: It's a totally different, way different beast than anything I've seen.

- That was Stacey Bosak, last April. I spoke with the Ridley Park nurse, while she was working as a critical care nurse at a hospital in Queens. At the time, it was the epicenter of the outbreak in the US.

- It was new. Nobody had any idea.

- Now, almost a year later, she says, that was both the best and worst experience of her life.

- The worst experience of my life. Because I never, ever have seen that much death, and suffering, and loneliness.

- She says, the silver lining was the camaraderie among health care workers and learning something new every day as they fought to save lives. The lives they lost, she says, will stick with her. Many frontline workers, still struggling to cope.

- Nurses, physicians, anybody on down to even the environmental services people in the hospital, because they stepped up in a way that they've never had to either. And there are a lot of people who just to talk about it, just start crying immediately. So I think the PTSD for people in that industry is going to be everlasting.

- Bosak says, now, she sees more patients survive, recovering slowly. And she has hope for the future thanks to the vaccines. But until then, she's now on another assignment, helping at a field hospital in Maryland.

- I love being a nurse, and I love helping people. And this was one of those rare things that you could be a part of to try and make a difference for future generations to come.

- And Bosak will finish out this assignment, then go home to spend time with family, but she'll be ready to help, again, where she's needed.

- She's ready to answer the call. OK, Ali, thank you.