One Dead, Another Injured In Fire On Far South Side

A man has died and a woman is in serious condition after a fire on Chicago's Far South Side late Friday night.

Video Transcript

MUGO ODIGWE: Breaking overnight. No word yet on what caused a fire that killed a man on Chicago's far south side. A woman is in serious condition as investigators search for the cause. CBS 2's Meredith Barack joins us live in the Brainerd neighborhood to tell us what those investigators are saying. Meredith.

MEREDITH BARACK: Mugo, good morning. Investigators say they believe there were not working smoke detectors inside this two story building. They say when they entered the building, they did not hear any. Crews also could not find a man when they were called out to the scene. They say he was trapped inside during the fire, and the flames were too intense to make a rescue. A woman also was injured in the fire here at 94th and Halsted. She is currently in serious condition at Christ. You can see just how intense the fire was with flames coming from the roof of the building. People at the scene also visibly upset. Let's take a listen to what fire officials have to say about trying to rescue that male victim.

MICHAEL SPENCER: We find out that there was one victim that might possibly be in the building, but we weren't able to get gain access to make a rescue. So unfortunately it ended up being a recovery.

MEREDITH BARACK: Now once again, fire officials still investigating the cause of this fire. And fire crews are expected to return to this neighborhood later this morning. They're planning on distributing smoke detectors to other houses here, as they say they do not believe there were working smoke alarms inside this building. Reporting live from the Brainerd neighborhood. I'm Meredith Barack, CBS 2 News.

MUGO ODIGWE: Just a sad story this morning, Meredith. Thank you.