One Dead, Two In Custody After Shooting at Bridgeview DMV

CBS 2's Steven Graves reports police said the victim was targeted.

Video Transcript

- Let's get right to that breaking news. Police and canines went door to door in the suburbs in search of the shooter.

- The gunman wanted for ambushing a man outside a Secretary of State facility in Bridgeview, killing him. CBS News Steven Graves picks up our coverage this Hour 18, live in Bridgeview. Steven. That suspect now in custody.

STEVEN GRAVES: Bret, Erica, that's right. And hours later police are still out here at this office off 87th Street and you can see the chaos that just unfolded. I'll give you a look here. Crime scene tape crisscrossing this parking lot.

Police tell me those suspects ran up to a man on there sidewalk there around 1:30 this afternoon and shot him. They then got into a car, possibly with a child inside, and drove off, sparking that pursuit.

- "Be advised Oak Lawn might have that red Nissan. It was going eastbound on 95th Street from Cicero, going about 60 miles an hour, with tinted windows."

STEVEN GRAVES: And it didn't take long for officers from multiple jurisdictions to track them down. Chopper Two got video of one suspect being handcuffed in a nearby neighborhood. This is about two miles from the office near 99th and Roberts Road.

Police ultimately arrested two suspects. We also saw them walking and talking to a child on scene, who we believe was in the suspect's car. Investigators say at no point was the public at risk, and they strongly believe this was a targeted shooting.

RICARDO MANCHA: I think this was a specific instance with a specific purpose in mind. I don't think any of the residents here have to worry about anything. This has nothing to do with the Village of Bridgeview from we can tell. It just happened to be something between two people.

STEVEN GRAVES: And that victim died at Christ Hospital. Police-- the police chief believes no one else in that line was hurt, in part because of social distancing that helped really spread people out. A spokesperson at the Secretary of State's office telling me no employees inside the building were hurt. This office though does remain closed again. One man dead, two suspects now in custody.

Live here in Bridgeview, Stephen Graves, CBS 2 News. Bret.

- Steven, our thanks.