One hot Des Moines lot: A Foster Drive find

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🧞 ️Unleash your inner design genie and let your imagination run wild with this vacant lot in Des Moines' Linden Heights neighborhood.

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  • It's nested in a wooded area overlooking Water Works Park.

690 Foster Dr., Des Moines — $385,000

Specs: Just over ½ acre, adjacent to the Bill Riley Trail, six-year tax abatement.

Flashback: Until a few months ago, the lot spanned nearly 1.5 acres and had a home on the property.

  • Owner Ted Thoms told us the house needed some work, plus his family wanted to build their own place.

  • They ended up dividing the area, and put the other lot up for sale.

Cool bonus: Thoms and his company, Lost Planet Development, shared drawings of some homes that may work on the property.

  • There's room for a 7,000-square-foot home, he said.

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