One juror added on day 3 of Derek Chauvin trial

Jury selection resumed Thursday for the third day for the trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin as a judge has granted prosecutors’ request to add a third-degree murder charge against him in George Floyd’s death. (March 11)

Video Transcript

PETER CAHILL: I would notice-- note for the record that we have six jurors so far. They identify as follows from the jury records. One is multiracial, three are white, one is Hispanic, and one is Black. So I don't-- I see no pattern whatsoever from the defense of striking racial minorities.

ERIC NELSON: You're aware that a bystander took a video of the arrest of Mr Floyd.

- Yes.

STEVE SCHLEICHER: And you're sure you can do that?

- I will try my best.

ERIC NELSON: Despite having seen this video, are you willing to listen to all of the other evidence?

- Yes.

ERIC NELSON: And you may have formed some opinions already-- in fact, I know you have-- based on what you've seen. Are you willing to allow, potentially allow all of that other evidence to change your opinion?

- Yes.