One-Of-A-Kind Adaptive Park Coming To Miami Beach

A South Florida woman has made it her mission to make the world more accessible to people with disabilities after becoming paralyzed in an accident and now she is bringing that inspiration to Miami Beach.

Video Transcript

- All new at 5:30, big changes are coming to Miami Beach, and it's all thanks to one resident who made it her life's work to make South Beach accessible to all. It's a project years in the making for one south Florida woman. Her name is Sabrina Cohen.

- Sabrina made it her mission to make the world more accessible to people with disabilities after becoming paralyzed in an accident. Now she's bringing that inspiration to Miami Beach to create an all inclusive one of a kind park for anyone seeking wellness despite their physical challenges.

SABRINA COHEN: So today again it's such a huge moment. It's a huge stepping stone for the big master plan to build something that's never been done before.

- It's the labor of love Sabrina Cohen has spent years advocating for. A wheelchair inclusive recreational area on Miami Beach. Now it's close to becoming a reality with the city's first adaptive park.

SABRINA COHEN: This project is anything but good enough. It aims to be outstanding, it aims to push limits. It's progressive. It's at the forefront of social change. And we don't just want to be good enough.

- These 3D renderings show the transformation of what is now Beach View Park. A beachfront observation deck and park will be built along the 5300 block of Collins Avenue. The $680,000 project will include a playground, exercise equipment, and classes with a focus on wellness.

SABRINA COHEN: The next step, which is developing the first of a kind, it will be our nation's first, adaptive recreation center beach side hosting indoor and outdoor fitness programs and beach side activities where nobody in our community will be denied the important benefits of health and wellness to keep us alive and healthy through some of the most difficult challenges.

- That future recreation center will cost more than $10 million and will be built by the Sabrina Cohen foundation. For now, the focus is on adaptive zip lines, a shrub maze, and butterfly garden, and a brick paved pathway of inclusion to connect the park to the beach, something Miami Beach mayor Dan Gelber says will stand as a landmark of inclusivity.

DAN GELBER: Gonna take a lot of money, by the way, but it's going to be something that I think in a pretty short period of time, we're going to look back on and say this was a great project that reflects the very best of us, the very best of our community, and the very best in the people here.

- For Sabrina, this is a legacy project she's hoping will change our community.

SABRINA COHEN: This project is way beyond me. This is a community effort. This is a legacy that we all together get to leave behind. And I thank you for being a part of this.

- Great job by Sabrina. Construction is slated to begin this summer with the park opening up next summer. Miami-Dade county is mostly funding this with development grant money.