One last day to get first COVID vaccine shot at FEMA sites in Philly

Tuesday is the last day to walk into a FEMA-run vaccination clinic in Philadephia to get your first dose of the Pfizer vaccine.

Video Transcript

- Governor Murphy says they were able to make those changes because of the state's really good coronavirus trends.

- In fact, the entire tri-state area is doing well thanks in part to rising vaccine rates.

- Action News reporter Maggie Kent live now in one of the FEMA-run clinics in Hunting Park with more on these, let's say, heartwarming metrics, Maggie.

MAGGIE KENT: Good numbers to report. And I love reporting good news, Brian and Sara. Good afternoon to you both. New Jersey actually leading the pack in the tri-state area, with about 45% of people who are eligible for the vaccine fully vaccinated already. Pennsylvania, Delaware, not far behind.

I do want to mention, though, if you are in the Philadelphia area, tomorrow is the very last day to come to a fever site to get your first dose of a Pfizer vaccination. On Wednesday, they're switching over to second doses. And then they're out of here.


MAGGIE KENT: Speaking in Spanish and armed with information and her own experience, Jovanna Garcia is working to convince people to get vaccinated.

JOVANNA GARCIA: But if you know anybody who might need transportation, we're actually providing CIPRO Passes as well.

MAGGIE KENT: Today's outrage brought fever to the Bethel Worship center along West Wyoming Avenue. The congregation distributing food boxes as FEMA employees share knowledge.

JOVANNA GARCIA: This would be, I would say, the underserved community that might not have access to internet, that may not have access to social media, that may not have access to have a computer. There's about three to four people that just said to me, I'm going to go and get my shot today. I think that we did our job.

MAGGIE KENT: In our tri-state area, COVID cases are following. Our 6 ABC data journalism team found, comparatively to this time last month, Pennsylvania cases dropped by 20%. New Jersey cases fell dramatically from a peak April 1st to about 1,600 daily cases in May.

And Delaware saw a decrease of 34% in case counts. As vaccinations are rising, each state now in the 40% range for fully-vaccinated eligible people.

TOM WOLF: We just want to get to the point where we can feel safe and that we can get back to life as normal and so we can pack stands like this.

MAGGIE KENT: Governor Wolf joining the Philadelphia Flyers today to promote the Take Your Shot campaign, urging all Pennsylvanians to get vaccinated.

P.J. BRENNAN: Although we're in the hard part of the campaign, it's really never been easier to take your shot.

MAGGIE KENT: The hard part of the campaign, convincing people who may be hesitant to get vaccinated. The easy part, many places walk up now. As I mentioned, FEMA, tomorrow is the last day to get your first shot at these two vaccination sites. The one being here in Hunting Park. But there are still 250 vaccination providers here in the city of Philadelphia alone.

We're live in Hunting Park, Maggie Kent, Channel 6 Action News. Sara, Brian.

- OK, Maggie, thank you.