'One Lucky Dog' Rescued from Storm Drain at Boston Park After Spending 2 ½ Hours Stuck Inside

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A dog got trapped inside a storm drain at a Boston park for 2 ½ hours on Wednesday before multiple rescue crews freed the canine.

Hubert, a four-year-old foxhound rescue dog, became stuck inside the drainage pipe at Millennium Park in West Roxbury after sneaking into the drain around 2 p.m. while running off-leash with his walker, according to Boston25 News.

"This is one lucky dog. It's unbelievable," one of the pup's two owners told reporters at the scene, per the outlet.

Brian Alkins of the Boston Fire Department said the dog was in "great shape" and "happy to be out" upon being rescued.

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"Everybody came together in the city for a common cause and it came out positive," Alkins said after the rescue, WCVB reported.

dog rescued from drain
dog rescued from drain

Upon hearing of Hubert's situation, multiple rescuers rushed to the scene to help save the pet, adopted by his family four years ago, according to Boston25 News. The more rescuers tried to call Hubert in the pipe, however, the more he moved away.

One Boston Drain worker told reporters that the pooch's size also posed a problem at times.

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"He's a little overweight like some of us," the Boston Drain worker said. "It's a 16-inch pipe. So as he's moving forward, he can't move back."

When all else failed, firefighters made holes in the pipe and used a camera to track the dog inside. National Grid then used a backhoe "to dig past the dog."

dog rescued from drain
dog rescued from drain

Eventually, firefighters reached the dog, pulled him out, and reunited him with his delighted owners.

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"He's just such a great dog," said one of the owners. "He's just so well-tempered."

Hubert's owners are thankful to every department that assisted in the rescue that safely brought their dog, nicknamed Bubba, out of the pipe.

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