One more freeze warning

One more freeze warning

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DAVID EARL: --of freezing temperatures, huh?

BILL RANDBY: I know. And a bunch in a row here. What a cold stretch. And we've already had days in the 80s, so this is kind of tough to get back to. But, again, this evening, it's kind of chilly. Early this evening, it's not that bad out. I give it a Randby Factor of 5. It's tolerable for evening activities, but mighty cold if you're going to watch a baseball, softball game, playing some golf, tennis.

Freeze warning tonight through Wednesday morning. The Omaha Metro, the Lincoln area, Southeast Nebraska, Southwest Iowa, Northwest Missouri. Today, 49 the high, 32 the low. We did get some clouds, even some flurries, just before dawn that sort of helped keep the temperature from being too bad in Omaha. But I saw a lot of 20s outside of Omaha and down to 25 over toward Carroll and Atlantic in Iowa.

No precipitation this month, just over an inch. Look at that nice view of 72nd and Crown Point, looking at Downtown Omaha in the distance. Currently 47. Northwest winds 14. The air is really dry. Dew point 17. So when the winds drop off, and if the skies clear, like I think they're going to, a lot of room for the temperature to drop with the air being so dry. Currently 41 in Denison, 43 in Atlantic, 47 in Lincoln, Columbus, 48 in Norfolk. Dew points mostly in the teens. That's what you have in Tucson, Arizona, Phoenix. I mean, this is really desert-like dry air. There is the northwest breeze now.

Super Doppler 7 Radar shows some sprinkles over Cass County. They're not reaching the ground. The surface air is so dry, but we've seen that. Some clouds popped up this afternoon, sprinkles on the radar, but the surface area allowing the precipitation to dry up before it reaches the ground. This goes back a ways. A little tiny upper level disturbance that came across South Dakota down across Eastern Nebraska, Western Iowa with some flurries and snow showers. But that's moved out and the clouds are gonna move out. With high pressure nearly overhead this evening, winds will be pretty light once the sun sets and the temperature will drop.

Later tonight, we may see some high clouds streaming from the west, but I do anticipate a fair amount of sun early on Thursday with then clouds spreading in for the afternoon and some of these showers just to the west of us. So maybe we'll get a couple of sprinkles or showers and keep us not so cold for tomorrow night. But, again tonight, freeze warning, like recent nights. Skies to become mostly clear. Winds pretty light. 29 in Omaha. Outside of the city, especially Western Iowa, we could see some mid-20s.

30 at 7:00 AM. 52 at noontime but then clouds increasing. A slight chance of showers later in the day and temperatures staying around 56 for the high. Just a 20% chance of showers on Friday. Clouds keep us at 60. Northwest winds, chilly on Saturday, a high of 58. South winds, chilly in the morning, but warms up to 71 on Sunday. And then 83 for the high temperature on Monday. Wow, what a change.

DAVID EARL: There are those temperatures we like.

BILL RANDBY: Absolutely.

DAVID EARL: Bill, thanks.