One of the most hyped Galaxy Note 10+ features isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

Jacob Siegal

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In our review of the Galaxy Note 10+, we noted that one of its standout features was its support for 45W Super Fast Charging, but we weren’t able to test it ourselves. In fact, even if you bought a Galaxy Note 10+ today, you would not be able to test the functionality either unless you picked up a 45W charger separately.

The Galaxy Note 10+ comes with a 25W charger in the box, but if Samsung is charging $49.99 for a first-party 45W charger, it must be a significant upgrade over the included charger, right? Not according to a test from Thai tech blog DroidSans (via SamMobile), which shows negligible differences between the two.

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For its test, DroidSans simultaneously charged the Galaxy Note 10 with a 25W charger, the Galaxy Note 10+ with a 25W charger, and a second Galaxy Note 10+ with a 45W charger, all of which were dead when the test began. While both Note 10+ handsets raced ahead of the Note 10, the 45W charger failed to create much separation, charging to 73% while the 25W charger brought the Note 10+ all the way to 67%.

The gains were even less impressive as the test went on, and by the time the Note 10+ with the 45W charger reached 100%, the Note 10+ with the 25W charger was at 96%. In the end, the 25W charger got the Note 10+ to a full charge less than ten minutes slower than the 45W charger. I’m not sure that’s worth $49.99.

It’s worth noting that this is just one test, and a variety of factors could have influenced the results. That said, having spent over a week with the Galaxy Note 10+ and the pack-in 25W charger, I was thrilled with how quickly the phone was charging. In other words, you’re probably fine with the charger Samsung gave you.

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