One Officer Killed And Another Wounded In Crash Outside US Capitol

Two US Capitol police officers being rammed by a car at a barricade near the building's access point on Friday. One died while another is injured.

Video Transcript

- Breaking here at 5 o'clock, a Capitol police officer killed, another wounded after an attacker rammed a car into a barrier outside of the US Capitol. CBS News is reporting the suspect is 25-year-old Noah Green of Indiana. He has been killed. Police are trying to figure out the motive behind this attack. WBZ's Paula Ebben joins us now. Paula, police believe this man acted alone.

PAULA EBBEN: And David they do not consider this an act of terrorism. Capitol Police have identified the officer killed as Officer William "Billy" Evans, who has been a member of the Capitol Police for 18 years. Police say at just after 1:00 this afternoon, the suspect drove toward the North gate of the Capitol, ramming his car into two officers, and then hitting the North barricade barrier. Police say the suspect then got out of the car with a knife in hand. When he refused to drop the knife, lunging at US Capitol officers, police opened fire, killing the suspect. Capitol Police say this has been an extremely difficult year for them.

YOGANANDA PITTMAN: I just ask that the public continue to keep US Capitol Police and their families in your prayers. This has been an extremely difficult time for US Capitol Police, after the events of January 6, and now the events that have occurred here today. So I ask that you keep our US Capitol Police family in your thoughts and prayers.

PAULA EBBEN: The Capitol was put on lockdown immediately after the attack. That lockdown's now been lifted. The president was never in any danger because he is at Camp David. He just released a statement saying that he and the first lady are heartbroken by the attack, and expressed gratitude to the Capitol Police and other security agencies. David?

- All right, Paula, now the House and the Senate are off for Good Friday. Congressman Bill Keating was not at the Capitol when this happened, but he told WBZ he cannot believe that something like this happened again.

BILL KEATING: Although the Capitol Police officers who, they're not guarding a Capitol, they're guarding our democracy. They're guarding, in a personal sense, all of us, and willing to put their lives on the line. I was shocked that, once again in such a short period of time, this happened. You know, the security is so intensified now, and it is. And anyone taking an action like this must have known they were probably going to lose their own life in the process. We don't know why. Right now, it just hurts.