One Person Has Died And More Than 100 Are Ill Due To Listeria Outbreaks Across The World

Megan Schaltegger
One Person Has Died And More Than 100 Are Ill Due To Listeria Outbreaks Across The World

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Listeria outbreaks have hit countries across the world. According to multiple outlets, Spain, Canada, and the United States have found the bacteria in pork and chicken products.

Should I start with the good news or the bad? The first of two outbreaks, which was discovered in Canada but involves Georgia poultry, hasn't actually caused any (known) illnesses. So that's...encouraging?

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Per the FDA, the Tip Top Poultry, Inc. chicken is frozen, diced, and ready-to-eat on January 21, 2019. The packages are labeled with an establishment number "P-17453," and were shipped to hotels, restaurants, and institutions nationwide. The issue was spotted by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) after a sampling was found positive for Listeria monocytogenes, and the recall went into affect.

However, the Spain outbreak has been much more severe. Reuters reports a 90-year-old woman died of the foodborne illness while more than 100 more have fallen ill. Authorities are blaming a pork meat supplier in the southern region of Andalusia.

"We are monitoring this, the alerts have been sent out, and we’ve ordered all the products (that have come) from this factory since May to be pulled from the shelves,” acting health minister Maria Luisa Carcedo told site.

Carcedo reports this as the largest recorded outbreak in Spain's history. Fifty-three people have remained hospitalized, including 18 pregnant women and two newborn babies. Additional cases have popped up between Madrid and the island of Tenerife, as well.

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