One Rescued From Water After Two Fall Into Albuquerque Arroyo, Search Ongoing

One person was rescued from an arroyo in Albuquerque, New Mexico, with the search to continue for a second victim, after both fell into the water during a storm on July 27.

The footage, shared by Albuquerque Fire Rescue, shows crews tied to railings searching the arroyo.

Local reports say a witness saw the missing victim fall into the water from a bridge, adding that she was swept away from the force of a puddle splash when a car drove past.

The National Weather Service responded to the incident to warn the public to “Stay out of the arroyos and flood water diversion channels” due to the then-active flash flooding warning.

Emergency services say they will continue the search on July 28. Credit: Albuquerque Fire Rescue via Storyful

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